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About This Project

Kaspersky Riga Masters 2017 – Event Branding

The Kaspersky Riga Masters is one of the top ranking events on the Snooker calendar. In these events, the worlds best Snooker stars battle it out over 4 days for the winners prize of £50,000. The brief was to produce event branding that could be easily transported to Latvia and installed by the event staff. Further to this, ensuring the branding was produced to the high specification required for live TV was an essential requirement. In addition to this , support was also provided to the staff for the transport and installation of the inventory.


We provided; wide and regular sized roller banners, branded foamex panels (various sizes), and branded banners (various sizes).  The branding created a world class environment in the arena and backstage areas. All branding was full colour digitally printed which helps make the branding stand out, especially under the TV lights. Further to this, it was produced in house by our team and delivered to World Snooker for transportation. We have worked with World Snooker since 2016, and have provided branding for both ranking and invitational tournaments. We also supply branding for their end of year awards evenings at the historical Dorchester Hotel. As a result, we continue to work with World Snooker on it’s major events.


You can see the results to the event by clicking here.


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June 22, 2017